Pemaquid Point Cam, Live!

About the Pemaquid Point Cam. We now have a live feed from the Pemaquid Point Camera. It's the same camera, only with live, streaming video. For a more enjoyable, full screen view, roll over the video to see the menu.

New! The Sea Gull Shop has installed a new, live video camera pointing at the rocks and surf below the Lighthouse. Visit the SurfCam.

For complete weather information, visit the new weather station's home page where you will find links to complete current weather, hourly and current month reports and a wealth of other weather data including what will become comprehensive historical data.

Pemaquid Point Cam is a service of The Sea Gull Shop and the Pemaquid Point Association. Use of these webcam images without written permission on any web site other than those of the Sea Gull Shop or the Pemaquid Point Association is a violation of copyright.